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Modulus Quartet

12 Seconds of Light

Music by Terry Davies, Veera Lummi, Ash Madni, Richard Norris, Eliot Lloyd Short and Matthew Slater

Thankyou to all our Kickstarter family for making this album happen and in particular:

Walter and Jeannine Allen, Steve Barnett, Matt Beard, Sir Tom and Lady Lynn Blundell, Rebecca Bingham, Astrid and Peter Charters, Barry Durdant-Hollamby, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Flemming, Hermina and Simon, Sue Howard, Hello Stage, Margret Javefors, Jonathan Lloyd, Maddy Lloyd, Alexander McCall-Smith, Maria Moraru, Aurelian Oprea, Susannah Pearse, Graham Rankin, Roy Rashbrook, Aidan Short, Harold Short, Roger Smith, Maddy Spinks, Mona and Will Stallard, Roger and Rita Stares, Sally Stares, Wendy Stevenson, Olly Stokoe, Esther Stratton, Clare Thomas, Yap family

Double vinyl out 9th March 2018

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